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“I think Emma has a very clear and strong connection and I’d like to express my

heartfelt gratitude to her for the way she has helped me. Thank you.”

Lorena Granata, UK



“Emma worked very intuitively and quickly got to the underlying subconscious beliefs I had which I had bought from my dad, who is petrified of driving. After just two sessions, I felt ready to start my lessons and within 7 months I passed my test. It’s so liberating to have my license as it created many new opportunities in my life.

Thank you Emma”

Pawel Wiachek, Masseur, London



 “Emma is a truly amazing healer, I have worked with many over the years and no one matches her honesty, intuition and attention to detail she gives through out all of her sessions. She has helped me to quickly uncover some deep core issues that were sabotaging my success when stepping into my leadership role. Emma is truly amazing and her talents invaluable”.


Sharon Gordon; Project Manager & Integrated Healer, London



“When I first started working with you the guilt and anxiety I felt around my mother

was overwhelming. I was so happy to see that my old patterns/beliefs had completely

shifted after just a few sessions. I now look forward to spending time with my mother

as it is now a nice experience. This is such an amazing turn around! Thank you from the

bottom of my heart!”


Connie K. Toronto, ON, Canada


“Emma, thank you so very much for an amazing session! I feel light, confident

and together. Writing copy seems quite a lot less daunting now :)”


 Katie Kieffer, North Carolina



“THANK YOU for the session the other day! The symptoms dissipated immediately,

nearly gone. I have had a few coughs, nothing major and I have felt amazingly fine since

our session!”

Katie Kieffer, North Carolina 


“I have very much enjoyed my work with Emma. It has helped me move through blocks I did not know I even had very quickly, easily and effortlessly. Emma is a guiding light with the gift of incredible intuition, presence and love, yet her approach is practical and direct at the same time, bringing ease and clarity to the shifting process. I have worked with many healers, but Emma is really top notch in her approach, ability to hold the space needed to do this work, and her finely tuned skills and innate abilities. I highly recommend Emma for people who are serious about working together towards true change.”

Tanya G, San Francisco, USA



“The healing has helped me to move forward with parts of my life that were stagnating as I was unable to make decisions both career wise & personally.I had harboured deep anger toward a close family member for many years. I spoke with them for the first time in 10 years! The session helped me to understand what effect such a negative emotion had on the world around me. Also & most importantly that life shouldn’t be taken so seriously should it not go exactly to plan! After having the healing done I would definitely recommend it, even if you are skeptical at first!”

Eliott Smith, Insurance Broker, London



“Friday was very special for me because I placed a strong universal intention to open my heart and it did. This was after trying different meditation exercises for years – almost 10! THANK you for holding me in an amazing space as my fearful ego was rattling all over the space fearing that love was not coming through. THANK you for allowing me to trust in my own abilities and nurturing me through this process. Thank you for helping me open to love. With true love and universal light”





“After my session with Emma I felt more relaxed than I had since 2007”


MCC, Engineering Project Manager

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About Me

Hi, my name is Emma, in tradition of Kundalini Yoga I received the spiritual name of Karamleen Kaur. Brought up in the countryside in the west of Ireland from a young age, I was aware of the connection between thoughts, beliefs and feelings and their impact on our emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.


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How To Experience True Self

Sources of stress are everywhere and it is getting harder and harder to escape them.The din of life’s activities, your endless to-do lists and the incessant demands of those around you—it is no wonder we don’t spend nearly enough time on our own passions and dreams. All of your desires get brushed aside on a daily basis as you go through the motions.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

You have limitless potential just waiting to be tapped, harnessed and showcased to the world. You just need a catalyst, a spark to bring it to the surface.

Kundalini Yoga and Theta Healing sessions can be that spark for you, helping you to get in touch with your true calling so you can live joyfully with less stress and anxiety.

The fact is you do not have to keep allowing old, outdated limiting beliefs hold you back anymore! You can be in closer connection with your life’s purpose, and when this happens you will become more balanced, more aligned and more on track to what you really want out of life.

Thanks to the tools of Kundalini Yoga and Theta Healing it can all begin to happen for you.

As your guide down this path I will show you how to realize that your destiny lies just beyond the noise and stress of your status quo.