I think Emma has a very clear and strong connection and I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude to her for the way she has helped me. Thank you.”

Lorena Granata

Emma is truly an amazing healer, I have worked with many over the years and no one matches her honesty and intuition to detail throughout all her sessions. She has helped me to quickly uncover some deep core issues that were sabotaging my success when stepping into my leadership role. Emma is truly amazing and her talents invaluable’


‘When I first started working with Emma the guilt and anxiety, I felt around my mother was overwhelming. I was so happy to see that my old patterns had completely shifted after just a few sessions. This is such an amazing turnaround.’ 


‘(working with Emma) has helped me move through blocks I did not know I had very quickly easily and effortlessly. Emma is a guiding light with the gift of incredible intuition, presence, and love, yet her approach is practical and direct…bringing ease and clarity to the shifting process’    


Kundalini Yoga Classes in Galway

These weekly Kundalini Yoga classes follow the moon  cycle and focus on themes such as empowerment, connecting with the heart, Self-love, manifesting your passion

Theta Healing Sessions

Theta Healing works on all levels including body, mind, and spirit. You may either choose a particular area of your life  or a general healing.

Online and In-person Money Block Bootcamp and Abundance Workshops

Kundalini Yoga meditation and Healing themed workshops

About Me

Hi, my name is Emma. I always wanted to help others and was on the path to becoming a human rights lawyer. The universe stopped me in my tracks and I totally shifted gears to work with women to help them release blocks to fully owing their power and having fulfillment and abundance in their work and in their lives. 

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