So we’ve all been there,  you have the essential list of tasks written down, you know your ‘reason why’ after a dash of motivation earlier. God knows you really want the result. But just when you’re about to sit down to just ‘get it done’,  suddenly you remember that call you just have to make (didn’t seem so urgent earlier), the paperwork lying around suddenly starts to annoy you, the housework becomes a priority, the email to your friend suddenly becomes urgent in your head. Or maybe you find yourself overwhelmed with a feeling of exhaustion and apathy and you just can’t pull yourself away from the TV or your bed to get take action, get to that class and get out of your way.

You’re not alone, this critical nay-saying voice afflicts us all. I have to admit I’ve definitely succumbed more than my fair share of times. It is the underlying cause of so many issues in the world and is the underlying cause why so many of us procrastinate in getting on our path, following our hears and living our purpose.

Luckily there is a solution. Check out this Kundalini Yoga Meditation to Get Rid of Your ” Couldn’t”. Here in the video I do it for 3 minutes, but you can do it for 11 minutes.