So you want a new life? You ready to change and up-level your life?

Maybe the potential you feel within yourself feels really painful as you know it’s just sitting there latent, doing nothing, stagnant
Are you telling yourself you need to find purpose in your life and up your game to really start living your potential?
I got some news for you guys… if it’s a bigger life you’re craving if you’re really ready to uplevel your receiving, your happiness, your passion, your love, your power to a new level… and nothing seems to be happening here on the ground..what’s really stopping you is that you’re afraid. You want it but you don’t want to deal with the pressures that go along with stepping up to a bigger purpose.
You might be telling yourself that you’re not capable, that you can’t do it, but what’s stopping you is NOT lack of ability. Many gifted and talented people waste away their talents and abilities unable to step into the possibilities their gifts could bring them.
IT has NOTHING TO DO WITH LACK OF ABILITY AT ALL. What’s really stopping YOU if this resonates with you is that you’re choosing to be SECRETLY TALENTED’.
You go around saying what people ought to do and say and you lock away your treasure, your gift to the world. You don’t want anyone to see… cos if they see… they might discover that YOU’RE NOT PERFECT.
I know this was me for many years. I sat on a very painful fence waiting for something to happen. Not making a decision about stepping up into my purpose, even after I knew what I was here to do… I was terrified of putting myself out there. And I have to admit that I was weak, as I was more concerned about my reputation, about what other people might think about me than my progress in my life.
I told myself that I couldn’t break out of the stuckness, I told myself that I’d tried everything. I went and did courses, seminars and told myself the next one would be my ‘breakthrough, but NOTHING SEEMED TO WORK. I told myself I didn’t understand why cos I was sure I wanted to change, I wanted transformation, I wanted to progress, but more than all that I WANTED TO HID MY IMPERFECTIONS FROM THE WORLD.
I even pushed people away from me. I actively avoided relationships beyond the superficial and I didn’t give anyone a chance to accept me. I WAS WAITING FOR SOME MIRACULOUS MOMENT WHERE I WOULD TRANSCEND ALL MY ISSUES. Only then, I thought. would I be able to get out of my own way? I waited and waited and as I waited around some more I slipped ever more deeply into underachiever. I was a chronic underachiever, AND I KNEW IT.
I chose to stay down where it was safe. I took myself out of life. Sure I was depressed and desperately unhappy. My soul cried out every day for change, but for the longest time I resisted, I refused to shine out because it meant I would have to become bigger and deal with a whole new range of problems and I didn’t think I was up to the task. I was in a prison of fear. I wasn’t perfect yet. I still had issues and only when I resolved them all, I thought, could I progress to the next level.
I thought nothing was working, but the real problem was that I wasn’t committing to my purpose. I preferred to stay in the safety of where I was. It wasn’t life that stuck me I chose to stick myself in mediocrity, not achieving, not doing, not acting, not progressing, not moving forward.
But what I discovered the hard way is that EVERYONE’s GOT ISSUES. You can’t clear them all out and if you try you’re going to be waiting all your freaking life before you take that next step. YOU GOTTA GET TOUGH IF YOU’RE SERIOUS ABOUT LIVING YOUR DREAMS. You gotta commit. You gotta decide and then the action comes.
I waited for years for the ‘right time’ but now I can see clearly that all this was part of my sabotage to stay down and play it safe. I was effectively taking myself out of the game and was more committed to staying safe that to realizing my dreams. I was safe alright, but I was also miserable, depressed, starving myself of love, affection, joy, and pleasure.
Any of this sound familiar?
I never thought I was a perfectionist, but I always held myself up negatively against what I saw as my abilities, and I never was enough… my self-talk was always that of defeat, victimhood, and not enough. I desperately wanted my purpose, but was refusing to step up and deal with the pressures that go along with that cos to her who much is given, much is required.
Living your purpose, living your passion, living a passionate, joyful, powerful life isn’t easy, but turn your back on it and you are turning your back on all that you are.🙉
I know about these things cos I lived them. I went through it all and I understand the pain of not living your calling, ignoring the wake-up call to stop sleep-walking your way through life and become a conscious creator. I ignore it for years and I can tell you it keeps getting louder till you chose to take action and do something.
My plea to you may seem is that you DON’T TURN YOUR BACK ON THAT PAIN. That pain is there for a reason. It’s really painful. THE PAIN IS YOUR FRIEND telling you-you’ve got SO MUCH MORE TO GIVE and that it’s time to give up being secretly talented, secretly gifted and secretly resentful and jealous of others you see out there doing more with less talent than you have. That’s YOUR SIGN TO STEP UP. Time to step into your destiny and not shy away anymore. It’s time to listen to the pain and not numb🔇🔇🔇it out anymore and pretend it’s not there. The Pain is your Calling,☎️☎️☎️calling you to wake up and let the secret out, to let yourself be seen and heard in all your glory.
You know you’re capable of so much more than you’re allowing yourself to be now. Until you fully receive that message and start acting on it, you’re not going to escape the pain. I know because I tried to outrun that pain for years and… no matter where I went… there it was right by my side.
You can’t escape yourself. You can’t out run your calling, no matter how fast or how far you run. (I went to Mexico and the pain was still right by my side the whole bloody time). You can refuse to answer your calling, just leave it to ring out forever. But if you do that you’re condemning yourself to a life of silent despair, pain, and frustration, dying with your gifts still locked secretly and safely inside you. You can try to numb out and silence the call of your soul, but it only gets louder and louder the longer you try to run away.
So my plea to you is this: STOP TRYING TO RUN AWAY.🏃‍♀️ Let it out. Let yourself live. BE ALL YOU CAN BE. ❤️🦋
That requires a choice, that requires a decision, that requires commitment and that will empower you.
As you can see I lived through this for years and realized that my calling is to be a catalyst for other people to realize and be their true self (hence my website). Trust me, IF I can do it, you can do it too. I live to see people come alive to their purpose and start being their true vibration, living from their heart and from the soul. This is what I do all day every day. This is my passion 🦋🦋
If you’re ready to start living your dreams rather than just dreaming about being alive. I can help.
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Trust me guys. This is the age of Aquarius, the age where all your BS excuses must come out of the closet, be seen and jog on so you can finally live your life without compromising your integrity, your love, your passion and your power.
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