Life spins its wheels and around you go. Still there’s an insistent but quiet voice inside. No matter what, you just can’t shake a feeling of unfulfillment and a disturbing sense that you are betraying your true value and destiny. It feels horrible, but could this be the soft whisper of your calling, an unrealised purpose? You struggle, frantic to make out what those silent words are telling you. And then the biggest fear of all rears its ugly head, what if this is all you ? As Jack Nicholson once said: “What if this is as good as it gets??”

A terrifying thought indeed. Well fear not people, I can tell you that this, predicament,can actually mark the beginning of an exciting new stage in your life where you finally begin to listen to that inner voice, to act on its guidance ultimately to unleash the power waiting within. I’m not speaking from the turrets of my ivory tower here, but rather from years of running on this very same spot myself. Yes, my dark night of the soul lasted for many years as I trundled my way through law school only to discover right at the end that I couldn’t go through being a lawyer at all. The good news is that the stagnation you’re now feeling actually marks your arrival at the proverbial crossroads. The trick is to look beyond the feeling of fear, anxiety and uncertainty, to see the excitement inherent in the limitless possibilities and flexibility about where you wish to go. And it’s all up to you.